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ICCN provides input for the Glasgow Breakthrough Agenda

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June 2022

In June 2022, members of the International Climate Councils Network participated in a workshop on the Glasgow Breakthrough Agenda. The Glasgow Breakthrough Agenda was a process launched at COP26 to accelerate clean technology transitions through strengthened international collaboration, cooperation and coordination. It sets targets for 2030 the power, steel, hydrogen, road transport, and agriculture sectors, and provides a framework for governments and the private sector to focus their efforts.

ICCN members

ICCN members drew on their experiences with their respective councils to provide comments on critical steps for the transition of these sectors, particularly around international collaboration. ICCN input has been reflected in the first State of Sector Transitions Report published by the IEA, IRENA and the UN High Level Action Champions in September 2022. This report will be published annually.

The ICCN offers independent expertise from climate councils from around the world, with member councils having a wide breadth and diversity of knowledge and experience. Learn more about the work and expertise of ICCN member councils here.

Workshop participants from the ICCN included the UK, South Africa, Canada, New Zealand, and Sweden.