Fostering collaboration between climate advisory councils

The International Climate Councils Network (ICCN) was launched in 2021 as a forum to facilitate collaboration and mutual support between climate councils from around the world. This international network allows climate councils to share experiences, discuss common challenges and support one another in their work.

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Providing expert, evidence-led advice to governments around the world.

24 members

  • Aotearoa New Zealand, He Pou a Rangi / Climate Change Commission
  • Australia, Climate Change Authority
  • Canada, Canadian Climate Institute
  • Canada, Net-Zero Advisory Body
  • Chile, Comité Científico de Cambio Climático
  • Costa Rica, Consejo Científico de Cambio Climático (4C)
  • Denmark, Klimarådet
  • European Union, European Scientific Advisory Board on Climate Change
  • Finland, Suomen ilmastopaneeli
  • France, Haut conseil pour le climat
  • Germany, Expertenrat für Klimafragen (observer status)
  • Greece, Ειδική Επιστημονική Επιτροπή για την Αντιμετώπιση της Κλιματικής Αλλαγής
  • Guatemala, Consejo Nacional de Cambio Climático
  • Guatemala, Sistema Guatemalteco de Ciencias del Cambio Climático
  • Iceland, Loftslagsráð
  • Ireland, An Chomhairle Chomhairleach um Athrú Aeráide / Climate Change Advisory Council
  • Korea, Republic of, 2050 Carbon Neutrality and Green Growth Commission
  • Mexico, Consejo Consultivo de Cambio Climático
  • Nigeria, Nigerian National Council on Climate Change
  • Philippines, National Panel of Technical Experts Climate Change Commission
  • South Africa, Presidential Climate Commission
  • Sweden, Nationella Expertrådet för Klimatanpassning
  • Sweden, Klimatpolitiska Rådet
  • United Kingdom, Climate Change Committee