Política de Contribuciones

  1. The ICCN’s mission is to facilitate collaboration and mutual support between climate councils from around the world. The ICCN also aims to support the development of new climate councils as expert, evidence-led organisations to guide and oversee delivery of climate change mitigation and adaptation.
  2. Individuals and organizations such as governments of ICCN members, intergovernmental bodies, trade unions, and non-profit or for- profit businesses that comply with the Network’s criteria are all welcome to be considered for financial contributions to the ICCN.
  3. In accepting a contribution, the ICCN will seek to ensure that the donor’s objectives are compatible with our mission and objectives.
  4. The ICCN reserves the right to refuse a contribution that is not compatible with the above criteria or for any other reason.
  5. Donor names will be publicly available, but all donor personal information is confidential and will not be traded or sold.