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COP27 Letter: The role of advisory climate councils in supporting world leaders to deliver on the Paris Agreement

ICCN COP27 open letter EN 1


This is a letter from the International Climate Councils Network (ICCN) to Heads of Government of Parties to the Paris Agreement and the COP27 President Designate Sameh Shoukry and UNFCCC Executive Secretary Simon Stiell about collaboration among a global network of international climate advisory councils. It is summarised below.

Key messages

  • The International Climate Councils Network (ICCN) launched at COP26 and today brings together 23 climate councils from six continents across the globe to facilitate collaboration, share experiences, discuss common challenges and provide mutual support.
  • This year ICCN has held exchanges on the roles of justice, fairness, and equity for delivering effective adaptation efforts as well as on complex and intertwined climate issues with international dimensions, including international transport, trade instruments, traded biomass and consumption emissions.
  • Climate councils can play a pivotal role in providing governments with evidence-led advice to meet their climate pledges, as well as measuring a governments’ progress in fulfilling their promises thus ensuring transparency in the process.
  • The ICCN urges all Governments to consider establishing a climate council or equivalent structure, built around the ICCN key principles: evidence-led, independent, impartial, considerate of fairness, collaborative and consensus building. The ICCN stands ready to assist in supporting these efforts.

ICCN members look forward to meeting each other and with others interested in the work of climate councils at COP27. See the events page for more details about our activities at COP27.